Digital Media Designer



Adobe Creative Suite


Creatively oriented toward graphic design, web design, and fine art.

Copy Writing / Editing

Large Scale Branding & Marketing

Event Wayfinding


New York, New york

Graphic Designer

7/2013 - Present

At PTC Productions, LLC I am responsible for all web design, graphic design, IT, troubleshooting, and general computer work for PTC Productions in Midtown Manhattan. Typical duties include designing website templates, print collateral, event signage and wayfinding, vehicle wraps, designing and dispatching email marketing blasts, buying new computer equipment for the office and touring faculty, troubleshooting any issues with office equipment, as well as staying up to date with company partners and managers to develop and acquire content for various ongoing projects.

Akron, Ohio

Web Designer

1/2013 - 7/2013

While working with Cashback Corporation’s marketing department, Izzat Marketing, I was responsible for client template designs, marketing materials, stationery, corporate branding, and all other design services required by clients, as well as any in-house work for Cashback Corp and Izzat.


Quality Assurance Intern

8/2012 - 11/2012

During my internship at Dose when they were still known as Spartz Media, I worked primarily on quality assurance for Dose’s many viral media websites, tested their web apps and builders for user-friendliness and functionality, and tested any other web-based development for quality and usability. My other duties included keeping Facebook pages up to date, moderating crowd-sourced content, as well as creating content lists for various websites in order to drive traffic to the main sites via social media.

Columbus, Ohio

Equality Express Intern

6/2012 - 7/2012

With eleven other crew members and two co-captains I spent the summer going from city to city in a tour bus around Ohio visiting the local Pride Parades (Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati), making stops in various cities canvassing our causes, registering voters, and distributing postcards in support of anti-bullying legislation to be sent to members of Ohio’s House of Representatives.

Kent, Ohio

Web Designer

8/2010 - 8/2012

While working for Kent State University Residence Services I served as the department’s sole web editor and designer. My duties included keeping the housing subsite up to date, working directly with Web Presence to collaborate on various projects, and putting together any design related work for the department.


Akron, Ohio

Web Editor

8/2010 - 8/2012

Working with Fusion Magazine I managed a team of several entertainment bloggers, posted LGBT-related news, and ran the various social media aspects of the magazine, as well as wrote at least one humor piece per print issue of Fusion while on staff.

Other job duties included designing images, maintaining the Wordpress website, editing bloggers’ articles for content and grammar, and working with editors of the printed edition of Fusion to highlight top web content of the year.


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