Digital Media Designer


As you may already be aware given the title of my website, my name is Gregory Porter, but you can call me Greg. While I am a creature of many activities and artistic passions, this is the website I use to showcase my graphic design work. I am a creative graphic designer with a strong focus on digital media and highly graphical marketing. Presently I work as a graphic artist in New York City where I spend much of my time designing inventive and unique projects for my various clientele. Design is my passion, and I am most happy when engulfed in my creative process. Visual experience drives the world around us; I like to be at the wheel.

I have loved design since I was just a weird kid analyzing the cereal box covers for more than the latest antics of a certain kleptomaniac bunny with a sweet tooth. I have always been captivated by the design around me: the good and the bad. I love examining everything, and while others around me thought I was dozing off as a child, I was really thinking what I would do differently were I to be the one to create the Froot Loops box design.

I first got into web design when I started creating Harry Potter website templates for fansites. There were tons of them out there and I occupied myself with making them all reasonably less ugly. Every day when I would get home from school I would go straight to designing websites, earning the spare cash I needed to convince my parents that I didn’t need a McJob over the summer. I made quite a killing for a fourteen-year-old.

My portfolio represents clients such as Robyn Ochs, LeBron James, web series "Submissions Only", The PULSE on Tour, Open Call Dance Competition, Nestrs, and Israeli LGBT activist Sharon Singer. Don't just take my word for it, let my work do some talking.

My design experience includes print merchandising, large-scale signage, website design, apparel, corporate branding, photo illustration, and photography. Design is in my veins, you see. I have a deep-rooted need to be creative, and my outlet is creating your next website.

Has that worked yet? I figure I should try at least twice.